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About Us

About Us

Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is a stamping die design and manufacturing, stamping production limited liability company, founded in 2011 August; located in a beautiful environment, perfect infrastructure of Dalian Development Zone; mainly for the foreign-funded enterprises in the production of precision single die, drawing die, progressive die, automation components, the various parts and metal stamping products. Company main business areas include automotive, office appliances, LED lamp, hardware, building materials, petroleum chemical industry, fire-fighting equipment, such as products accumulated abundant design and production experience.
       Tongda Technology has rich experience in mold design engineers and excellent manufacturing and technical personnel; company staff are stamping and die enterprises as the technical backbone of the core staff, in the metal stamping die has many years of rich experience, in metal stamping forming process have their unique insights and technical scheme, can provide customers with low - price, high-quality, high efficiency, multi opening scheme, for clients to achieve intimate services; solve the technical problems in practical production. All my colleagues in the company will be responsible for the attitude precision, fast period is satisfied for all customer service.
       Mold processing equipment CNC wire cutting, discharge punch, precision grinding machine, digital milling machine and CNC machining centers, for the production of high-quality, high-precision products to lay a solid foundation. With 60 tonnage to 250 tons of various types of presses 8, equipped with automatic NC feeder multiple. Shearing machine, CNC bending machines, cutting sawing machine, oxygen welding machine, argon arc welding, resistance welding, vibration polishing machine, automatic tapping machine form a complete set of equipment, can better for customers from the molding to provide complete products supporting the production of, and better for customer service.
          Our goal is the employees and businesses grow together, enterprises and customers to grow together, for the development of the society, for the revitalization of the old industrial base in Northeast, for the vigorous development of China's mold industry to make unremitting efforts. Our tenet is "together, to reach a consensus, brave innovation, customer satisfaction,". In the fierce competition of society, have efficient, with energy-saving production technology is a magic weapon to win, Tongda Technology may for the prosperity of your company and grow to offer their own technology and strength, Tongda to a chance, Tongda will also you a satisfaction!

 We sincerely hope to work with you hand in hand, create brilliant!