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Technological characteristics of CNC machining The

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-03-04 Views: 752

CNC machining process features:

(1) CNC machining efficiency, high machining accuracy, low labor intensity, the ability to adapt to different parts of the workpiece.

(2) rely on the procedure to complete all the process. The contents of

(3) process complex, which is due to the expensive price than the general machine tools CNC machine tools, if only the processing process is simple in the economy not worthwhile, so in NC machine tool is usually arranged more complex processes, even in the general machine tools to complete the process. A more detailed arrangement of the

(4) step. This is because in the processing of general machine tools need not consider problems, such as the arrange Ment of the steps in the process of work, the knife point, change to determine the point of cutting and processing route, in the preparation of CNC machining processes but can not be ignored.

(5) computer numerical control (CNC) machining program includes not only the parts of the process, but also includes the necessary for the complete process of process parameters such as, cutting parameters, feed line, cutter size number and machine tool movement process.

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(6) numerical control machine tool is controlled by the program instruction, the whole process of machining is carried out according to the program instructions. The NC machining program is a mandatory document of CNC machine tools.