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processing method of automobile Classification die

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-05-16 Views: 302

  Auto mould is one of the main products our company provide, automobile mould according to the classification of the processing method of the product:

 A. punching die:  work done in the shear, the common form of a cut die, blanking dies, punching repair, side punching, trimming die, pull die hole and punching die. 

 B. bending die : is will smooth the hair Peiwan into the shape of a point of view, the amount of visual parts of the shape, accuracy and production, there are a variety of different forms of mold, such as ordinary bending die, cam bending die, volume side die, arc bending die. Bending punching seams in punching die twisting die etc..

 C. drawing: drawing die mold is the plane blank made of a seamless contain S

 D. all of its consequences to the various local deformation method to change the shape of the wool embryo, in the form of a convex molding die, Vol margin forming die, die of the necking forming, flange hole forming die, a round edge forming die. 

 E. compression of its it is the strong pressure, the deformation of metal blanks flow, into a desired shape, the species with extrusion die and embossing dies, die stamped and end.

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