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Are the advantages of CNC CNC lathe machining? What?

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-03-05 Views: 361
CNC machining < p > is a machining with CNC machining tool, then CNC lathe processing technology is to CNC system as the representative of the new technology of traditional machinery manufacturing industry to penetrate the formation of electromechanical integration products, required processing conditions, such as feed rate, spindle rotation speed, tool selection, and other are the instruction code scheduled well in advance of, the whole process is automatic, man-made processing error is very small, CNC lathes and transmission clearance and error can also compensated by the CNC system. Therefore, the machining accuracy of CNC Lathe will be relatively high. In addition, the numerical control lathe can carry on the repetitive operation, the Size uniformity is good, reduced the reject rate. In the numerical control system, the function of the error of the lathe and the machining error is increased, so that the precision of the NC lathe machining and the precision of the repeated positioning are improved.

CNC lathe parts of the processing is based on pre programmed procedures automatically the. Operator in addition to the keyboard operation workpiece loading, and unloading, key process of intermediate detection and observation of lathe operation, do not need complicated repetitive manual operation, labor intensity and the degree of tension can be greatly reduced. In addition, CNC lathe generally have better safety protection, automatic chip removal, automatic coo Ling and automatic lubrication and other devices. CNC lathes do not need to use a lot of tools like general lathes, but only a small amount of work. Once the parts are modified, just modify the corresponding part of the program, you can in a short period of time will be processed out of the new parts. The production cycle is short and flexible, which provides favorable conditions for the production of many varieties of small batch and the development of new products.

CNC lathe spindle speed and feed weight range is larger than the scope of the general lathe, every process can choose the optimal cutting parameters and structural rigidity to the CNC lathe allows CNC lathe cutting large amount of heavy cutting, so as to save th E maneuver time effectively. The moving parts of the numerical control lathe are controlled by acceleration and deceleration, and can be used in a high speed, and the positioning and non cutting time can be shortened. When using the machining center with the cutter and the automatic tool changing device, the work piece usually only need to carry on one time to complete all the machining processes, reduce the turnover time of the semi-finished products, and the production efficiency is very high. CNC lathe machining quality is stable, but also can reduce the inspection time. CNC lathe can improve the efficiency of times more than ordinary 2 - 3 lathe, the processing of complex parts, the productivity can be increased more than ten times or Several times.

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