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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the reason and control What method of stamping part wrinkling?

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-03-05 Views: 362
What are the causes and control methods of

stamping part wrinkling? < p > A, stamping parts wrinkling reason

(1) pressure side force is not enough, the blankholder gap inappropriate, "Lisong tight" problem.

(3) test blank is too soft, the strength of the material is low, the blank size is too small, the pressure is not.

(4) blank positioning is not stable, leading to local uncrushable material, binder surface shape is improper, cause uneven feeding.

(5) incorrect stamping direction.

control stamping wrinkle method p>

(1) view < / the wrin Kling of state, when the wrinkles in parts evenly all the way round produced should be judged to be material pressing force is insufficient, gradually increase the pressure force can be eliminated. When the deep cone parts and hemispherical, should be used to increase the drawbead tensile stress increases in diameter, to eliminate wrinkles. The "tight loose principle" to, eliminate the "loose tight outside".

(2) for lubricating oil, should be in accordance with the operating procedures of the system requirements of the brush oil work, to ensure that the amount of brush oil and brush the correct position, to avoid causing wrinkling.

(3) in the case of the vehicle does not affect the requirements of the replacem Ent of the soft parts of the material, to ensure that the quality of the parts, to avoid wrinkling.

(4) to improve the positioning, if necessary with the pre bending process, ensure the stamping sheet does not appear when the deviation of the. Modify the binder surface shape to ensure, product quality, to avoid the binder surface shape does not move, resulting in uneven feeding.

(5) to the stamping direction properly, should be in the early stages of the design using simulation software to analyze the process of parts, ensure the stamping direction and parts require a higher quality of, need to re mold development, adjust the stamping direction.

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