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Cutting is the best Laser choice for the manufacture of steel floor.

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-03-08 Views: 856
Laser cutting technology of: < < p > laser cutting according to the process can be divided into oxygen gas laser cutting, laser scribing and laser vaporization cutting and laser fusion cutting and fracture control of four kinds of.

laser cutting technology is widely used in the processing of metal and nonmetal materials, can greatly reduce the processing time. Reduce processing costs, improve the quality of the workpiece. Modern laser became people "s pursuit of" standing "fantasy" sword "Gold CO2 laser laser. Transport cutting machine as an example, the whole system is composed of control system, motion system, optical system, water system, smoke and air blowing system for the protection of by the most advanced numerical control Mode to realize multi axis linkage and laser without affecting the speed of energy cutting, also support DXP, PLT CNC, and other graphics format and strengthen the interface graphics processing ability good in high speed motion; accuracy is achieved by using performance superior imported servo motor and drive guide structure.

laser cutting is a high power density energy produced by laser focusing. Under the control of the computer, through the pulse laser discharge and output controlled high repetition frequency pulse laser, the formation of a certain frequency, pulse width of the beam and the pulsed laser beam through optical transmission and reflection and through the focusing lens group focusing on the surface of the processing Object forming, one tiny, high energy density spot, focal spot in the near surface processing, to instantaneous high temperature melting or vaporization is material processing. Every high energy laser pulses instantly put object surface sputtering of a small hole, under computer control, laser processing head and the materials to be processed according to the pre painted graphics for continuous relative motion management. This will put the processing object into the desired shape. When cutting, a shares and beam coaxial flow by the cutting head ejects, melting or vaporization of material from the bottom of the incision blow out (Note: if blown gas and the material to be cut heat effect of reaction, the reaction will provide the additional Energy required for cutting; airflow and cooling have been cutting surface. Reduce heat affected zone and role to ensure that no contamination of the focusing mirror). Compared with the traditional plate processing method, laser cutting has high cutting (cutting width is narrow, small heat affected zone, incision smooth) quality, high cutting speed, high flexible (can be optional cut arbitrary shape), a wide range of material adaptability.

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