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Cutting machine development Laser advantage: laser cutting machine is widely used in all walks of life

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-03-09 Views: 861
With laser < p > cutting equipment demand continues to increase, the domestic laser cutting equipment manufacturers to the social development and synchronization in the market more competitive, laser cutting equipment market in unprecedented continued to expand continuously updated, and improved, effect of processing equipment more sophisticated, materials processing and application is wider in scope and enhance the performance and laser equipment industry entered a period of rapid development. Laser cutting equipment is not to say that we should know that there are many advantages, laser cutting machine is the use of laser beam energy conversion to achieve the effect of cutting. Laser cutting equipment, as a new type of laser cutting, is More and more widely used in various fields, especially in the automotive field. laser cutting machine < p > is widely used in all walks of life laser cutting machine in many CNC areas are very widely used such as, automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, power generation equipment, aerospace military, equipment and other. With the rapid development of Science and technology, in order to improve the precision and efficiency of the products, the requirements of CNC cutting machine is also gradually increased. The following is the processing of various industries for CNC laser cutting machine requirements.

CNC laser cutting machine is widely used in all walks of life, because of its high efficiency and high precision characteris Tics can meet the increasing demands of all walks of life. Along with the rapid development of science and technology, future industrial machinery processing requirements will be higher, for the numerical control cutting performance to satisfy the continuous progress of the processing requirements, the industry of NC laser cutting machine made the following requirements: < p > < / P > < < p > 1 br] The auto send thoughts and body stamping parts production line has the characteristics of continuous, high efficiency and high reliability, the automotive industry requirements to specializing in automotive parts of the process characteristics, and the car industry communicate with each other and common development with modular and serializatio N sets of flexible production line. Flexible production line using car hair idea of cylinder block, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, cam shaft, box processing hub parts processing as the object and adapt to mixed flow production module fast group be recombinant production line grasp the, function evaluation, error tracing, quality control and management integrated technology development, of high speed and high precision, reliable performance CNC cutting machine, at the same time with the high-speed reclaimer, auxiliary equipment such as a deburring function. < p > < / P > < < p > 2 br] Large ships hub processing concentrated in large power diesel engine pedestal, frame, cylinder block, cylinder head. Piston rod, crosshead, conne Cting rod, crankshaft and gear box drive shaft, rudder shaft and propeller and hub processing pieces of material for special alloy steel, general for small batch processing, product processing rate of 100%. The hinge has the characteristics of large weight, complex shape, high precision and high processing difficulty. Large power, high reliability and multi axis heavy and Super Heavy CNC cutting machines are needed for the processing of large ship hinge parts. < p > < / P > < < p > 3 br] Power hub equipment processing a large weight, special shape, high precision, processing difficulty is big the price, is expensive, such as pressure vessel in nuclear power station single piece weighing 400 to 500 tons, large turbine and generator rotor s Ingle weighs more than 100 tons reliable work, requirements for more than 30 years. Therefore, it is necessary to manufacture the CNC cutting machine, which is characterized by large size, high rigidity and high reliability. The structure characteristics of

a typical part of 4 is the aviation industry uses a lot of overall thin-walled structure, complex shape. In order to increase the maneuverability of the aircraft, increase the payload and range, reduce the cost, lightweight design and extensive use of new lightweight materials. Now a large number of aluminum alloy, high temperature alloy, titanium alloy, high strength steel, composite materials, engineering ceramics, etc.. Thin wall parts with complex structure, complica Ted cellular components, such as holes, holes, grooves, reinforcing bars and so on. According to the requirements of the processing of the aviation industry, the structure and characteristics of the processing, NC cutting machine has enough rigidity, operation is simple, interface clear, requirements of spline interpolation, the process of the average control, in order to reduce the influence on the machining precision of the corner, with on-line measurement simulation work can.

in the low-cost competitive market environment, a large number of domestic manufacturers and brands are not prominent, the lack of technological innovation, relying heavily on foreign advanced technology, the lack of core competitiveness. At the same time, Rising labor costs, coupled with rising raw material prices have greatly increased the the cost pressures of many enterprises. From the above phenomenon can be predicted, intensive mode of development will be a lot of laser cutting machine enterprise ’s future development direction.