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Frequently Asked Questions

Stamping Cold

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hardware stamping parts are widely used in all areas of our lives including some, electronic devices, auto parts, decorative materials, etc.. We usually say that the stamping is usually refers to the cold stamping parts, for example, a piece of iron to turn it into a fast food dish, it is to design a set of mold, the working surface of the die is a plate shape and mold for pressing the iron becomes dish you want the this is, cold stamping, is the direct use of the mold in metal stamping.

steel or some non-ferrous metal processing parts, processing means: cold / hot stamping, extrusion, rolling, welding, cutting and so on also includes a number of other processes, the definition of a wide range of.

metal processing which Is used the most, refers to the room temperature conditions steel metals and other sheet / non-ferrous metal with a mold, by the press to provide the processing of the required pressure and the shape of the specified shape.

stamping parts material hardness detection, its main purpose is to determine buy sheet metal annealing degree is suitable for subsequent to the stamping parts processing, different kinds of stamping process and need different hardness level of plate. Used for stamping parts processing of aluminum alloy sheet available Merriam Webster Hardness Tester, material thickness is larger than 13mm can switch to Barcol hardness meter, pure aluminum or low hardness aluminum alloy plate should be used to Barcol har Dness meter.

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