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Frequently Asked Questions

Are some problems and There defects in stamping parts processing.

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-03-10 Views: 800

stamping parts processing also has some problems and shortcomings.

is mainly manifested in the two kinds of noise and vibration caused by the stamping process, and the operator s safety accidents have occurred. However ", these problems are not entirely due to the stamping process and the mold itself, but mainly due to the traditional stamping equipment and backward manual operation caused by. Along with the progress of science and technology, especially the development of computer technology, along with the progress of the mechanical and electrical integration technology, these problems will be solved as soon as possible.

in the hardware industry, parts of the slightest error will seriously affect the later, the Slightest problem will also lead to the decline of the hardware can not use or use performance. Therefore, in parts of the processing time must be carefully were detected on the naked eye or is related to the detection instrument. Although now the metal processing technology and traditional compared to a great improvement, with significantly improved, however in, the actual machining process will due to the influence of the factors of human factors or processing equipment and processing of defective parts or components.

with the continuous progress and development of society, stamping parts processing in various fields of national economy wide range of applications. For example, in the aerospace, aviation, military, machine Ry, agricultural machinery, electronics, information, railways, posts and telecommunications, made it chemical industry, medical equipment, household electrical appliances and light industry and other departments have stamping processing. Not only the entire industry is used it, but everyone is directly related to the production of stamping. Like airplanes, trains, cars,., there are lots of big, medium and small stamping parts of car body parts, frame and rim are punching out.

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