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Process of auto parts Stamping

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-04-04 Views: 833

stamping is one of the 4 major automobile manufacturing processes, but also a very important part of the automobile parts forming process. So how can we identify the potential risk of the supplier quickly The following provisions of the? Implementation of the situation in the hope that it can be simple and clear for you to sort out the production site of the stamping process is worth the attention of the details.

1. raw material feeding * 1 volume is not a visible sign can be traced to the total volume of material.

2. and the product key characteristics of the raw material parameters are qualified.

3. material roll packaging is safe, to ensure that the raw material is not contaminated, corrosi On, damage. Whether or not to use the proper equipment for the turnover of the

4. coil.

]. Boot

1. operator whether the strict implementation of production start checklist for the specified project and effectively record the results.

2. feeding roller, material conveying clip and other raw materials and equipment must be in contact with the material before the material is completely cleaned up, to prevent foreign body scratching material.

3. the first part must be compared with the standard parts to confirm qualified. (supplier should establishing a comparison operation instructions clearly marked contrast path and contrast

4. whether a clear) supplier definition of the unstable stage Of stamping, and provisions for the unstable stage products automatically discarded. (stamping at the beginning and end of the material feeding speed / stamping temperature / material tension fluctuations larger

] lubricating system

1.) 3 lubrication system is effective monitoring (when lubrication system to stop supply, stamping process automatically stop and alarm is recognized by customer different brands) of

2. lubricating oil

3. lubricating oil whether filtering? System to prevent foreign body contamination of raw materials, especially oil repeated use of the system

4. oil dripping in) equipment the end product process details

1. stamping must stamping plate straightening stra Ight adjustment process steps or automatic correction tools exist to ensure raw material smooth smoothly into the cavity. The position of the

2. material belt on the feeding clip needs to be defined clearly, and the width gap on both sides of the material belt and the feeding clip needs to be defined and guaranteed.

3. stamping debris is promptly and effectively cleaned up and not mixed or glued to the product.

4. material in the direction of the width of the material needs to prevent the raw 100% monitoring material is not full of bad stamping products.

5. coil end is monitored, in the end of the coil, the stamping process will automatically stop.

6. work instructions to be clearly defined when the abnor Mal shutdown occurs, the product in the mold of the reaction mode.

7. must be able to ensure that the raw material is properly positioned in the die prior to entering the die.

8. continuous mode or feed module need to step by step position monitoring, if the position is not to go to the timely alarm or automatic shutdown.

9. stamping die must be equipped with a detector for detecting whether a product is stuck in the mold cavity if there, is stuck, the device automatically stops.

10. stamping process parameters are monitored, when the abnormal parameters appear, the production of products under this parameter automatically scrapped.

11. stamping die of management is implemented effectively (preventive Mai Ntenance plan and implementation of maintenance, spare parts inspection confirmation)

12. for blowing go clastic gun must be clearly defined as well position and orientation.

13. finished product collection process can not have the risk of damage to the product.

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