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Frequently Asked Questions

Difference between Dan The Chongmo and continuous mode of stamping die

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-05-16 Views: 339

   Dan Chongmo and the connection mode is one kind of stamping die, they have what difference
Stamping die according to the mold structure can be divided into Dan Chongmo, compound die and continuous mode three, and compound die in the industry is relatively rare,
   We now look at the difference between a single die and a progressive die:
   Dan Chongmo: generally by a convex die and a concave die, can also have a number of convex and concave die, but in a punch line can only complete a kind of punching process.
  Continuous mode: in a certain order, in the punch a stroke, in different locations of the workpiece to complete more than two times the stamping process.
  Continuous mode refers to the press in a punch stroke, the ribbon stamping raw materials, in a pair of mould with several different positions at the same time to complete a plurality of stamping process of cold stamping die, dies every stamping completion time and material with the move away from a, to the product.
   Modulus of continuity in the stamping process of the material with beginning to move in one direction, the internal mold material after take off to two or more than two direction of movement of the call level into the mold, material belt feeding material in the mold called automatic continuous mode, in a stamping production chain with different process for stamping die
  Mechanical hand or other automation facilities, the use of mold or parts to complete the work of moving parts stamping die called multi station die. Compound die, a station, in a stamping process to complete the multi-channel process of the mold.

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