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Inspection of automobile stamping parts Quality

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-05-16 Views: 1553

stamping is located in the car manufacturing process of the first four, stamping parts as the basis for quality assurance of automobile body, its quality is directly related to the quality of the whole car, its importance is self-evident.

and uniform, smooth no, defect damage, corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties.

of automotive stamping parts mainly to the body covering parts frame longeron, and crossbeam, a carriage, wheels and engine cover parts mainly, and some support and a connecting piece. Each specific parts of the car use and working conditions are different, the load is also different, so we are very strict requirements on the timber. Automobile stamping p Arts, require processing and production of various types of auto parts auto parts, stamping parts, automobile shock absorber stamping parts.

automotive stamping parts quality inspection methods:

1 check the, material

2, first order 1 check

3, online check the partition

4, first middleware, tail extraction, check

5, parts whole basket check

6. Stamping plate material reduction rate of the thickness detection

7 precision parts, detection

8, defective products in military repair

9, parts for the second time choose don t check

10 check ", outgoing above is my factory technical parts personnel to introduce you to the stamping industry, quality inspection meth Od. Dalian 

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automobile spare parts precision machining (air conditioning system). Stamping (16T-160T, progressive die, one shot, the modulus of continuity), welding (robot welding, laser welding, brazing), machining, casting, gravity casting, die casting, precision casting): Tulpe_Gitter_2tlg gitter s:Tulpe_Gitter_2tlg condenser filter the upper ", shell cover, carbon tank carbon tank. Custom auto parts such as Piston: ring piston, shaft brake and stop washer brake washers, stainless steel ring stainless steel ring clip clip, housing housing, HousingSensor sensor shell, Boss-Radiator drain cock body drain piston, carriage of goods accessories like cargo bar supporting rod Shoring bar, telescopic rod, cargo plank telescopic baffle Overcenter buckles, eccentric buckle, aluminum KeyholePanel Automotive stamping parts, welding assembly, electrophoresis processing (damping, brakes, suspension and seat parts

precision metal). Stamping parts (parts for automobile braking system and steering system accessories, safety components of locomotive braking system (machining) CNC precision lathe parts) brazing process products & amp; weld & amp; Laser welding process of product surface processing technology

Dalian Tongda professional engaged in stamping die, the punching shear plate for the main business. The main processing equipment are: Machining Center, wire cutting, drilling and milling machine tool, such as drilling and cutting machine, cutting machine, punching machine. Mold manufacturing technology adoption CAD/CAM/CAE/, customers for the only need to provide samples or drawings can be in a short period of time for customers design and production of a satisfactory mold products. Main business: stamping parts processing, mold parts processing, punching shear panels, mold manufacturing, etc.. Our company and many domestic automobile upstream and downstream C Ompanies to maintain a good long-term cooperative relations, to provide customers with professional mold manufacturing, stamping parts mass production. We adhere to the "credibility of the first, customer first" business philosophy, the company adhere to the "precise design, precision manufacturing" of the operating mode.

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