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On the reasons Analysis of affecting the quality of stamping parts

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-05-16 Views: 398

 According to the actual situation of the scene, through check parts of the site of the tear, fracture morphology and squeezing degree of injury that caused parts tear, skew behavior is mainly reflected in the flanging, causing this process occurs as follows: forming die design defects

 1 Flanging  the mold for double cavity left / right public due, to the process of the content in addition to the flanging both shape, forming content, coupled with the workpiece is complex and special curved surface, is narrow, the demands of forming die core material and forming surface match, resulting in conditions of die structure into the trip, the low pressure area of material. Designers in the original mold design, taking into account on Ly the binder small this feature, but ignore the pressing material core forming guiding slide stroke (Figure 2).

 There are design  flaws: 

 (1) pressure material core length orientation of design is 125mm practical guide, length 115mm, although in the scope of design, but there is a hold part 115mm movement more than 10mm long effective guide, press the hold up of core material is not stable, workpiece positioning not quasi ills. 

 (2) up to 115mm forming height, must design the special-purpose slide guide plate, can not rely on the machined surface and concave die side wall slide with the orientation space, skew caused by increased friction, self lubrication effect is poor, the strong lateral power to effectively eliminate, B Atch production will cause because of long-term wear caused by increasing the gap direction, early loss of mold properly guide effect, which will produce a serious quality accidents.

  Processing parts and the 2 mold design of the drawing error

  The parts of the drawings in a clearly marked to be processed out of the direction of the area. But because of the pressure of core material for complicated surface so the castings and the guide surface of machine processing, resulting in processing surface and the concave die guide surface matched in a sliding way after clearance error, in the normal operation of the mold the material core left / right swing pressure.

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