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Frequently Asked Questions

The concave and Replace convex die needs to pay attention to the problem

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-20 Views: 327

mold using long or improper operation will inevitably be damaged, how to scientifically correct the concave convex mold, the need for strict norms.

disassembly of the mold 1 the to carefully observe the current situation, to fit with new mode correct reduction.

the convex die to 2 replace insert the material block, check the concave mold is smooth, and try to insert the gap between concave and convex concave mold is symmetrical.

die also want to 3 replacing check whether the clearance between punch and trim.

damage must first identify 4 punch the cause, and check whether the need to grind the edge of the blade.

punch to check the 5 assembly convex model and the fixed block, the gap between the fi A xed block and the fixed block is suitable. when assembling the smoothly die, the smoothly die needs to be placed horizontally, and the metal rod is used for tapping into the position. < p > 6. Mould lock tight position need to force balance and locked two screws and avoid treatment tilt caused by mold precision is reduced. To check the correctness of < 7 and the assembled die core, the components have installed anti dropping Scholes without clogging. < 8 smoothly die assembly to check whether it is flat on the die surface.

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