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Of compound die for stamping Introduction die

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-20 Views: 327
Stamping die < p > compound die is refers to the punch in the stamping die of a station on the completion of multi-channel stamping process, such as blanking, flanging and punching. It is more complex than the single mode structure, so it is difficult to design. At the same time, the production efficiency of the compound die is greatly improved because of the multi working procedure on one station, and the precision of stamping parts is greatly improved because of the multi working procedure without repeated positioning.

complex mold design is difficult high cost, of development, suitable for large scale production of stamping parts. Compound die can be qualified for high precision stamping parts, but the stamping process is best n Ot higher than 4 to prevent the stamping, die compound die structure is too complicated and manufacturing strength is not enough.

stamping die compound die according to the nature of the process points: compound die: such as flanging molding forming die punching Blanking Compound Die: if "; blanking compound die; and cutting molding compound die: punching if the tensile modulus of the composite material.

according to the structure of the form of points:

when the concave die device in the lower die for the flip chip compound die,

when the concave die in the upper die, known as the mold.

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