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Die stamping process summary Stamping

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-20 Views: 308

stamping is a method of obtaining a certain shape part by applying pressure to metal plate through stamping die. Stamping process according to the deformation of the parts can be divided into material separation and deformation. all kinds of < p > stamping process as follows:

1. blanking, blanking and punching, the former press from the blank punched out of parts the, latter punching cutting out waste forming punching.,

2. shear, press through the stamping die to cut off the excess sheet.

3. cut, cut out a notch from the blank.

4. cut, the two processing of the half finished products need to be symmetrical incision.

5. bending, through the stamping die to a certain point of view of the S Emi-finished products.

6. curl, greater than the bending amplitude, so that the semi-finished products to achieve circular.

7. flange, semi finished parts of the inner hole edge and sometimes need to turn to a vertical edge processing.

8. parts section expanded or reduced.

9. pulled up, changing the parts of a process but also to change the height of the wall thickness of parts.

10. concave and convex, and sometimes need to suppress the parts on the concave and convex graphics, such as text, bar.

11. expansion of the hollow parts along the radial tensile treatment.

12. spinning, the use of roller rolling stock into a certain shape.

13. stamping, a process of pressing text and pattern On the surface of the part.

14. is pressed, and the metal is in the plastic deformation under the extrusion of the punch, which causes the metal to flow out from the hole of the smoothly die, and the flow direction of the metal is consistent with the movement direction of the punch.

14. anti extrusion, the metal in the extrusion process, the gap between the smoothly and convex die out, the flow direction and the direction of the movement of the punch.

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