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Parts die of automobile Automobile body large panel mold introduction

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-25 Views: 323

domestic car market is increasingly large. Annual car sales of more than 20 million ranking the, world s highest. Related industry "chain parts die market has - Auto reached unprecedented prosperity. Many other industries engaged in the mold manufacturers have turned to the development and production of automotive parts and components.

it is reported that the production of a car to use a total of 1500 molds, of which 1000 for the stamping die, the the interior mold. The 200 for vigorous development of

auto parts and components provides opportunities and development for the improvement of the overall mold design and manufacturing level in China. At present, in the mold design process and the overseas mold design Level has a large gap, especially as cold punching die of automobile large-scale cover mould is a measure of a national automotive design and manufacture level indicators. Because of the complex mold design process of automobile body, the surface accuracy is high, need to use five axis high speed machining center and other top CNC machine tools.

for a long time, the technology for the control of foreign Professional Company China automobile manufacturing enterprises in the s automobile body large-scale cover parts can only rely on imports of mold. However, with the development of information technology such as the national machinery and equipment industry, computer and other information technology, a breakthrough in the design o F large covering parts of the automobile body is coming soon. With

Technology (Dalian) Co. Ltd is a professional engaged in stamping die, stamping plate main enterprises. The main processing equipment are: Machining Center, wire cutting, drilling and milling machine tool, such as drilling and cutting machine, cutting machine, punching machine. Mold manufacturing technology adoption CAD/CAM/CAE/, customers for the only need to provide samples or drawings can be in a short period of time for customers design and production of a satisfactory mold products. Main business: stamping parts processing, mold parts processing, punching shear panels, mold manufacturing, etc.. My company and many domestic automobile upstream and downstream com Panies to maintain a good long-term cooperation relationship, to provide customers with professional mold manufacturing, < stamping parts mass production. We adhere to the "credibility of the first, customer first" business philosophy, the company adhere to the "precise design, precision manufacturing" of the operating mode. < p > stamping die, punching shear panels, stamping parts, mold manufacturing, mold supply, mold parts processing, mold parts, automobile parts and components, Dalian Development Zone, stamping, stamping parts

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