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Principle of automobile parts die making materials Selection

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-25 Views: 317

auto parts die making material selection principle

with the development of the automobile industry, automobile parts and components as the mold industry in the rapid development of the sub industry, more and more attention of the mold factory. A car to use a total of 1500 molds then these, molds in the manufacture of materials are not the same requirements.

auto parts mold parts selection of materials

1. if it is a simple shape of small and medium-sized auto parts mold, selection of carbon steel mold making

2. in the production of more complex modeling of large auto parts mold should be alloy tool steel material selection.

3. if the automobile parts and components of the mold requires long se Rvice life, high precision, then to rotate the hard alloy steel material.

4. large covering parts body mold needs to be cast carbon steel.

auto parts mold general parts in addition to guide column and guide set of requirements with high quality low carbon steel and bearing steel, the other parts of the die used high quality carbon steel.

the correct choice of auto parts manufacturing materials for enterprises to save production costs, improve economic efficiency is of great significance. - Dalian stamping die - Dalian Tongda mould manufacturing

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