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Of automotive parts and components Classification

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-25 Views: 334

auto parts mold classification:

auto parts die in the mold industry is becoming more and more important. Make a car to use to the 1500 mold and the mold design, is complex, a lot of mold surface is two-dimensional or three-dimensional curve. Process requirements are high, the error is generally controlled within the 0.01mm. Advanced technology, some large molds such as body panels die to use advanced CNC machine tool production the world s only a few countries "to master the technology. The following details about the classification of automotive parts mold.

1500 auto parts mold according to the production process can be divided into 4 categories.

1. stamping bending die, according to the stamping materia L on the curve of the bending, so as to form a certain angle and shape.

2. punching cutting die, according to the curve of the material after pressing to make it out of the mold.

3. deformation of the deep drawing die, the stamping material into a hollow part, or in the opening of the hollow part of the foundation to continue to produce deformation drawing.

4. stamping die, the use of the concave and convex die as a model, stamping material after stamping.

be classified < as injection molding (bumper, rearview mirror and sunroof); membrane forming (insulating porcelain < ceramic < / P > buttons). < < p > br extrusion molding (automobile sealing strip); stamping < mold Ing (large body covering parts);

vulcanization molding (tire)

according to mould the used materials can be divied into < carbon steel die; < hard alloy die steel; < / P > < p > < br alloy tool steel mold; < bearing steel mold; < casting steel, and so on.

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