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Working principle and electric spark The machine.

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-26 Views: 313

electric spark machine, is a small metal material processing machine. Punch is also divided into small hole EDM machine, EDM drilling machine, small hole machining machine, put pore motor etc.. Today, we Changzhou chenrui Electric Appliance Co. Ltd is mainly to introduce the knowledge points under the dedm. electric spark perforation machine < p > working principle is to use continuous vertical movement of fine metal brass (known as the electrode wire electrode the spark erosion) and forming of stainless steel, hardened steel, hard alloy, copper aluminum, and other metal workpiece pulse. Pore punch can be used for processing engine cooling hole sieve hole group, hydraulic and gas dynamic components of the oil hole and pump nozzle injec Tion hole, fabric spinneret orifices, line cutting wear silk hole and other traditional processing method is difficult to machining deep hole. punch according to < p > different media application divided into two kinds one is, liquid punch, due to liquid processing to by rod holes may be clogged by rod hole, so the minimum processing 0.15mm pore! Depth only processing 20mm. Is widely used another is, gas punch, through small holes in the copper medium used is gas, so it is not easy to be blocked, more sophisticated processing holes. punch and EDM wire < p > cutting difference: < p > 1, electric spark perforation machine tool electrode is shaped electrode, and processing requirements of parts to adapt to the section or shape, and wire cut E DM tool electrode is along the axis of the electrode wire moving wire electrode. Different and EDM wire cutting machine punch, forming machine, mechanical and electrical pulse electrode perforation is a hollow copper bar, liquid or gas from copper hole in the middle of the pores through, cooling and chip removal effect. Between the metal electrode and the discharge to produce high temperature corrosion of metal to perforation of the objective that can be used for machining super hard steel, hard alloy, copper aluminum, and any conductive material pore. Punch minimum processing 0.015mm holes, also can processing with a taper hole, is widely used in precision mold processing, often referred to as the electric spark wire cutting machine too L equipment, used for and received valve oil, engine blade, the spinneret of spinneret hole, cylinder hole heat radiation, chemical fiber spinning head, an electric spark wire cutting wear silk hole, gas hole etc..

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