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Improvement method for continuous Process stamping process of die

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-27 Views: 317
Mold continuous < p > stamping process improvement methods:

stamping die improved < p > 1, cancel the casting appearance on the concave side: on the lateral wall of casting a recessed part necessarily preclude die and need to increase sand core can be formed gradually shape. Often can be slightly improved, can avoid the recessed portion.

2, is conducive to the fixed sand core and exhaust: sand core and fixed and exhaust is very important, otherwise easily lead to eccentric and porosity and other defects.

3, mold continuous stamping process as far as possible without or less with sand core: casting production, the majority of sand core cost ratio does not contain sand core mold cost is high, its productivity is Low.

therefore, it should be possible to simplify the cavity structure of the casting or the auxiliary bar, the layout of the convex block, as little as possible with or without sand core, or instead of sand core instead of sand.

of electroforming mold process matters needing attention: mold electroformed metal deposition speed < slow, long production cycle, such as bromine electroforming generally require a week or so. electroforming layer thickness < p > of thin is not easy to be uniform, with a large internal stress, large electroforming part deformation significantly, and can not bear large impact load. Although the progressive die electroformed itself processing for a long time, but due to the uniqueness of the Process, the mold manufacturing cycle is greatly shortened, so electroforming mold also belong to rapid tooling technology. - Dalian stamping die - Dalian Tongda mould manufacturing

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