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Processing points of progressive die Mechanical?

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-27 Views: 363
Processing points of progressive die Mechanical?

progressive die mechanical processing points:

rough after the fine. 1 first When the parts need to be divided into different stages, the rough machining of the surface is arranged, and the semi finishing is arranged in the middle. Because of the progressive die for the secondary surface accuracy requirement is not high general in, the rough, semi finish machining can be: for those and the main surface relative position is closely related to the surface, usually placed in the main surface processing after processing.

the first master. Parts 2 after of the assembly base and the main work surface to arrange for processing, and keyway, fastening the light hole and a screw hole and for the small processing and. Mainly on the surface of the mutual location of the requirements, the general should be arranged after the major surface to reach a certain accuracy, such as semi finishing machining after, but should before finally finishing processing.

base. In each processing 3 first stage, the datum processing procedure is always arranged, for example, the center hole is used as the unified standard in the machining of shaft parts. As a result, the center hole is always at the beginning of each stage of the process. As a precision reference, it should have enough accuracy and surface roughness requirements, and often higher than the original design requirements.

progressive die for processing three points, the first coars To fine e after the first meeting of the main basal first and so on are necessary.

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