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Technique of stamping parts material Selection

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-05-16 Views: 505

   Stamping parts processing including blanking, bending, deep drawing, forming, finishing and other processes.
    Stamping parts of the material is mainly hot rolling or cold rolled (cold rolled mainly) of the metal plate with materials, such as carbon steel plate, galvanized sheet, tin plate, copper and copper alloy plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate.
    Because spring-loaded stripping mould operation than the fixed unloading convenient mold material, the operator can see strip in the mold feeding action and suppress the stripper plate unloading the bar applied force flexible, does not damage the workpiece surface, so in practical design as repression stripper, and only in repression stripper plate unloading force is insufficient, before switching to fixed stripper.
    Stamping mould is used to repress the stripper plate, or the use of fixed stripper, depending on unloading force size, which material thickness is considering the main factors.
     Stamping parts material hardness testing, the main purpose is to determine buy sheet metal annealing degree is suitable for subsequent to the stamping parts processing, different kinds of stamping process and need different hardness level of plate.
   Used for stamping parts processing of aluminum alloy sheet available Merriam Webster Hardness Tester, material thickness is larger than 13mm can switch to Barcol hardness meter, pure aluminum or low hardness aluminum alloy plate should be used to Barcol hardness meter.

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