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Principles should be followed in the continuous die? Forging What?

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-28 Views: 392
Principles should be followed in the continuous die? Forging What?

in the parts processing activities, especially electrical parts, we will use the mold production and production, the efficiency is obviously improved. The continuous mode is a kind of mould product that can be used in the stamping process.

continuous die forging should follow what principles

before forging die design, the designers should first according to the forging production batch size and forging production of equipment condition properly develop, forging technology, forging scheme making process, even on the forging of a complete manufacturing cost of technical and economic analysis. It is very important that the forging of the mold will affect the use of the mold.

therefore, t O reduce the forging cost to ensure reasonable forging process in technology and economy, in the development of forging technology, should abide by the following principles: For small batch production < 1 of forgings, the free forging roughcast. Finally, fetal die forging.

the mass production of 2 for forgings, with pre forging billet molding, the best forging hammer in boring mode.

large volume production of 3 for forgings, die forging die forging die forging with different equipment.

die forging design according to the actual amount of production, as well as forging the environment and other elements, to carry out the right amount of production and manufacture.

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