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Processing points of compound The die for blanking and punching

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-02-28 Views: 400

in the mechanical processing place, want to make the instrument or product, the use of the relevant mold is indispensable. The use of professional mold production and processing, the production of quality assurance. Generally in the use of materials for blanking punching, to ensure the correctness of the mold and processing. Now we come together to see how blanking punching compound die processing.

introduction of blanking punching compound die processing points

to ensure that the 1 first processing surface of the processing accuracy and surface roughness requirements. Due to the consent of the accuracy and surface roughness processing methods often have a number of kinds, the actual choice, but also the C Ombination of parts of the structure shape, size as, well as materials and heat treatment requirements for a comprehensive consideration.

2 workpiece material properties, the choice of processing methods also have an impact. In order to avoid the clogging of the grinding wheel in grinding, the grinding process is generally adopted in the process of high speed boring or high speed precision turning. Effect of

the structure shape and 3 on size of the workpiece. For example, turning the workpiece can be used for turning or grinding machining holes, and the hole on the template, generally should not be used in turning or grinding, and usually used in boring or milling process.

4 surface processing m Ethod of choice, in addition to the first to ensure that the quality of compound die production and processing requirements, but also should consider the requirements of production efficiency and economy. Mass production, should as far as possible the use of high efficiency of advanced techniques, such as the hole and the plane can use the Broaching processing instead of the ordinary milling, planing and boring method.

blanking punching compound die in the use of a few requirements, to ensure that the processing precision and surface roughness, as well as the properties of the workpiece material and consider the influence of structural properties and size.

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