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Defects of automobile stamping Production parts and improving processing quality

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-03-02 Views: 373
Automotive stamping < p > products are rich, complex shape, in the production of stamping, often happen some bad phenomenon, combined with how to avoid problems, Shaanxi heavy auto their own reality, to make the beneficial exploration. middle armor support < p > is automobile cab whole type instrument panel assembly key bearing connecting piece, is to ensure a variety of automotive instrument stable and reliable use of an important part. Because the high speed rotation of the high power engine and the bad road condition of the vehicle, it is easy to cause strong vibration and bumps in the cab, which can cause the instrument circuit in the front control panel and partial function circuit breaker or failure. The armor in the middle bracket M UST, therefore, able to withstand the impact, bending fatigue load and torque, and therefore the must have sufficient flexural strength, shear strength and good toughness. In addition, if the parts in the forming of over allowable stress or micro crack expansion to a certain extent, resulting in tearing or skewed, so that will not only waste materials, but also to die in the partial load operation, accelerate the aging of the mold. in the cab < p > of an automobile instrument panel support assembly production, found in the production of stamping, the middle armor left bracket often appear / right torn, askew phenomenon, these defects are mainly distributed at the junction of the parts pass, side at the corner of the wall and arc R and cerv Ical. Through careful analysis, we think the main reason is that by the mold in the operation process of medium pressure and particle core forming oriented unstable, die and pressing material core gap long-term wear can not be caused by improper adjustment and mould structure design. Thus, from the two aspects of technology and management of the corresponding control measures, and for similar parts process, mold design and forming process to provide references.

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