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Stamping parts production Metal and development of the same weight challenges, and opportunities

Original:Tongda Technology (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Writer:Jessie Date: 2016-03-03 Views: 799

throughout the United States and European parts manufacturers, they have a common characteristic, is the kind of product is not a lot, but the lot is great. The domestic automobile market is currently in a Warring States period, large and small vendors come on stage in succession, but overall trend is bound to be the merger and integration enterprises, want to survive in this case must attach great importance to optimizing production technology, expand the scale of production, improve equipment and technology level.

Europe there are many family metal stamping equipment manufacturing enterprises, they are not large in scale, product attention in a professional field, with decades of experience in production and research and devel Opment, their products are doing very fine, the technology is in the world leading level. Foreign large-scale stamping manufacturers have started landing in China market, this will be the domestic stamping parts manufacturers in the near future facing a predicament. But from the thinking in the reverse direction, there is no spur no power, it is the internal and external threatens to harsh environment will be real exercise of a group of elite companies said: as long as domestic, "enterprises to seize the opportunity to as soon as possible to cross the stage of capital accumulation, expand the scale of production, improve the equipment and technical level, when the time comes in the fierce competition is lose or win, really is hard to say"

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