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  • Inspection of automobile stamping parts Quality

    stamping is located in the car manufacturing process of the first four, stamping parts as the basis for quality assurance of automobile body ...
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    1571Views [2016-05-16]

  • To the production of metal stamping parts Attention

    Metal stamping < p > parts production attention matters Reform process and mould < 1011 and operation mode, so as to realize the operation o ...
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    837Views [2016-04-05]

  • Problems in die making of stamping parts Common

    Possible problems in the process of stamping ofmould.punch: uncoiling line1, mixed with a foreign body caused by punch;India: sliding caused ...
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    808Views [2016-05-16]

  • Of metal stamping parts industry Terminology

    hardware products factory on the metal stamping parts common professional terminology. first and drawing. The second, cutting edge. Third, ...
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    892Views [2016-04-05]

  • And prevention of common mold heat treatment Defects

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    817Views [2016-04-04]

  • Process of auto parts Stamping

    stamping is one of the 4 major automobile manufacturing processes, but also a very important part of the automobile parts forming process. ...
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    848Views [2016-04-04]

  • Of influential factors Analysis on the service life of die for stamping die

    The precision and rigidity of stamping equipment 1. stamping equipment is very important to the life of stamping die. Stamping equipment, h ...
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    828Views [2016-04-04]

  • Mold industry related to the English phrase table

    一、进入位:gate location水口形式:gate type大水口:edge gate细水口:pin-point gate水口大小:gate size转水口: switching runner/gate唧嘴口径:sprue diameter二、流道:runner热流道:ho ...
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    1053Views [2016-05-16]

  • Problems summary and solution of punching die Common

    In the < p > stamping production of mold, against undesirable phenomenon in the stamping must do a specific analysis take effective, treatme ...
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    834Views [2016-04-04]

  • Factory processing hardware stamping parts Our and Dalian the whole country

    of Dalian Tongda mould manufacture, Dalian punching die, Dalian Tongda stamping parts, mainly engaged in mold Dalian, Dalian stamping die, ...
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    847Views [2016-03-10]

  • Are some problems and There defects in stamping parts processing.

    stamping parts processing also has some problems and shortcomings. is mainly manifested in the two kinds of noise and vibration caused by ...
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    779Views [2016-03-10]

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