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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Mold parts materials need Composite to have what performance requirements

    electric parts are is stamping die processing and, mould making, stamping process is an important part of, composite mold processing requir ...
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    393Views [2016-02-28]

  • Principles should be followed in the continuous die? Forging What?

    in the parts processing activities, especially electrical parts, we will use the mold production and production, the efficiency is obviousl ...
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    419Views [2016-02-28]

  • Are the advantages of What using die to produce forging

    mold variety, the use of mold to forging equipment parts, the quality of the mold will affect the quality of forgings. Compound die is a ki ...
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    420Views [2016-02-28]

  • Are the main What production methods of high speed punch press

    in the use of punch processing, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of the mold, but also according to the different production r ...
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    385Views [2016-02-28]

  • Processing points of progressive die Mechanical?

    progressive die mechanical processing points: rough after the fine. 1 first When the parts need to be divided into different stages, the r ...
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    387Views [2016-02-27]

  • Composition and characteristics of progressive Structural die

    The structure of progressive die in level is composed of five parts: the upper die, the lower die and the die sleeve three parts, which are ...
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    415Views [2016-02-27]

  • To locate the position of the composite die? How?

    composite die machining parts of the location of the in order to ensure accurate positioning of the workpiece processing, mold selection i ...
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    385Views [2016-02-27]

  • To control the wear How resistance of the compound die

    in electrical manufacturing process, we will apply a series of compound die model, how to improve the wear resistance of the composite die ...
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    330Views [2016-02-26]

  • Solve the chip obstruction To caused by stamping die

    How to < p > solve the stamping die in stamping will produce the scraps blocking problem: 1. view material leakage hole size, if too large, ...
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    357Views [2016-02-25]

  • The level of production Improve management of automobile parts and components improve, the quality of products

    to improve the quality of automobile parts die production save the, production cost, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, and st ...
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    361Views [2016-02-25]

  • Die and die casting die Stamping?

    mold design level and manufacturing process reflects the level of a country s manufacturing industry but ", also reflects the ability of a ...
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    344Views [2016-02-20]

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