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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Problems in die making of stamping parts Common

    Possible problems in the process of stamping ofmould.punch: uncoiling line1, mixed with a foreign body caused by punch;India: sliding caused ...
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    827Views [2016-05-16]

  • And prevention of common mold heat treatment Defects

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    838Views [2016-04-04]

  • Of influential factors Analysis on the service life of die for stamping die

    The precision and rigidity of stamping equipment 1. stamping equipment is very important to the life of stamping die. Stamping equipment, h ...
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    845Views [2016-04-04]

  • Problems summary and solution of punching die Common

    In the < p > stamping production of mold, against undesirable phenomenon in the stamping must do a specific analysis take effective, treatme ...
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    850Views [2016-04-04]

  • Are some problems and There defects in stamping parts processing.

    stamping parts processing also has some problems and shortcomings. is mainly manifested in the two kinds of noise and vibration caused by ...
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    800Views [2016-03-10]

  • Is the difference between What cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel in metal stamping? Process?

    usually in the stamping production, will be used in cold rolling and hot rolling steel processing products, then the cold and hot rolling s ...
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    871Views [2016-03-09]

  • Stamping Cold

    hardware stamping parts are widely used in all areas of our lives including some, electronic devices, auto parts, decorative materials, etc ...
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    839Views [2016-03-09]

  • Are the advantages and disadvantages of CNC machining? What?

    The advantages of NC machining are as follows: 1, the processing quality is stable, the processing precision is high, the repetition precis ...
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    869Views [2016-03-09]

  • Is the difference between metal stamping parts and? Castings What?

    metal stamping parts and castings the difference between We distinguish between the two? Aspects of processing technology and hardness test ...
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    393Views [2016-03-09]

  • Are the characteristics of laser cleaning technology What?

    What are the characteristics of laser cleaning technology? Laser cleaning < p > technology is refers to using laser beam to high speed effe ...
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    417Views [2016-03-08]

  • Cutting processing technical parameters which Laser?

    AI laser cutting technical parameters: laser, fiber laser laser: 10W - 1000W a first optical path form of of optical fiber transmission ...
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    381Views [2016-03-07]

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