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  • Mold industry related to the English phrase table

    一、进入位:gate location水口形式:gate type大水口:edge gate细水口:pin-point gate水口大小:gate size转水口: switching runner/gate唧嘴口径:sprue diameter二、流道:runner热流道:ho ...
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    1317Views [2016-05-16]

  • Factory processing hardware stamping parts Our and Dalian the whole country

    of Dalian Tongda mould manufacture, Dalian punching die, Dalian Tongda stamping parts, mainly engaged in mold Dalian, Dalian stamping die, ...
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    864Views [2016-03-10]

  • Cutting machine development Laser advantage: laser cutting machine is widely used in all walks of life

    With laser < p > cutting equipment demand continues to increase, the domestic laser cutting equipment manufacturers to the social developmen ...
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    861Views [2016-03-09]

  • Situation and Present problems existing of China s’ metal stamping parts market

    our country a lot of stamping plants belong to the host plant, therefore the, stamping parts market is not perfect and perfect. But some of ...
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    875Views [2016-03-08]

  • On laser processing technology based on Virtual Manufacturing (Virtual, VM Manufacturing), Research ()

    To information < p > integration as the core of advanced manufacturing technology continues to develop more high level, virtual manufacturin ...
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    818Views [2016-03-03]

  • Technological characteristics of CNC machining The

    CNC machining process features: (1) CNC machining efficiency, high machining accuracy, low labor intensity, the ability to adapt to differ ...
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    784Views [2016-03-04]

  • Stamping parts production Metal and development of the same weight challenges, and opportunities

    throughout the United States and European parts manufacturers, they have a common characteristic, is the kind of product is not a lot, but ...
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    831Views [2016-03-03]

  • Are the software of What the stamping parts industry

    Want to learn to use AutoCAD, caxa. for the automotive parts industry, the company ’s technical staff is best to learn SOLIDWORKS2007, UGNX4 ...
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    881Views [2016-03-03]

  • Daily hardware stamping parts China industry into the forefront of the world

    Our country < p > has established a zipper, electric shaving device, stainless steel utensils, pots and pans, a knife blade, a bicycle lock ...
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    419Views [2016-03-03]

  • Between automobile and stamping parts Relationship

    car factory has 4 major processes (4 major workshops) are stamping workshop, welding workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop. autom ...
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    470Views [2016-03-02]

  • Problems should be Several paid attention to in the stamping parts processing industry

    in recent years, with the continuous enhancement of China s economic strength we ", are not only a manufacturing base, but also a consumer. ...
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    481Views [2016-03-02]

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